September 21, 2015


Charlotte, NC Photographer Clayton Allen

Hey, how are you doing? My name is Clayton and I didn’t choose photography, photography chose me. I’ve always been into technology. I took my first class in photography when I was 8 years old attending elementary school in Syracuse, NY. You’re probably thinking, “how did a 8 year old 4th grader take a photography course?” Good question! I attended Syracuse public schools and was given an “IQ” test which qualified me to attend a “gifted” program twice a week, away from my regular school. In gifted we learned many high level courses such as chemistry, economics, optometry and criminology but the two that have stuck with me still to this day were the computer science and photography courses. In those days photographs were developed in a “Dark Room” by being dipped into a liquid and then hung to dry/develop… one last thing, “PLEASE DON’T LET LIGHT IN THE ROOM..”

I am a Geek by day and photographer by night..

I have a propensity towards technology especially computers and cameras. I am a programmer that started developing sites shortly after college. I always kept the latest consumer based cameras and wanted to improve the quality of the images for the sites I would develop. My solution was to purchase a semi-pro camera back in 2006 and that decision has changed my life. Digital photography was it! I started out taking pictures for friends and family and eventually started doing sports photography for my brother’s high school football team. The students would rave about how professional their images looked, comparing them to images of professional football leagues. My brother still has the poster I printed for him hanging on his wall to this day, lol. Memories stay with us forever and images are the tools to vividly return to those priceless moments. I also did event photography for companies like Nuvo and at various performances such as Styles P, Meek Mill & Walé etc…

I moved to Charlotte, NC in 2011 and love it here

What’s up Charlotte? I absolutely love this city! Shortly after moving here I was fortunate enough to land my first big commercial gig with Coke Zero during the CIAA tournament. This was a rewarding experience in many ways. I got to meet the Lady Cats, Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Hornets and a ton of really cool people during the 3-day shoot. I also shot concerts, unrelated to Coke Zero, such as Rick Ross and Common during that eventful weekend. I have worked with community based organizations such as the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Black Chamber of Commerce and Another Level Counseling services. I have done product, landscape, food and pet photography as well.

I’m just an artist

I look at photography as an art no matter what form it comes in. I am a thinker so if I get too techy at a shoot let me know 😉 I look forward to hearing from me. Contact me and I look forward to hearing from you. Also, leave a comment and let me know what passions have stuck with you since a child.